Color Matching Car Park Activity for Toddlers

Does your toddler love cars?

I know mine does so planning a learning activity that also uses cars is a win win!

One of the first things that toddlers learn to recognize is colors. It’s so fun to watch your little one begin to recognize colors and why not add a little fun in there?

How to teach colors to toddlers

You may be wondering how to start teaching your child to recognize colors.

As a first time mom I too wondered this and was worried that I wouldn’t help her enough or she wouldn’t learn them early enough. But don’t worry, kids tend to pick things up super fast.

One of the best ways to learn colors is through color matching games for toddlers. These help them learn their colors while also having fun.

Simple matching activity for toddlers

We used cars to make a color matching game. It was super easy and quick to make and we already had all the supplies on hand.

There are also different variations of this game that I’ll talk about below but we had fun for days with just this one simple activity.


  • Cardboard or Poster Board
  • Colored Markers or Crayons
  • Small Cars


All you need to do is use a black marker or pencil and draw parking spaces around your cardboard. Make sure not to make them too small so your child doesn’t get frustrated trying to “park” their car.

Then color in each parking space with a different color. Make sure you have matching cars for each color.

I made the mistake of coloring pink spaces and then realized we couldn’t find any of the pink cars and my toddler was quite confused as to why that space didn’t have a car.

For those just starting to learn their colors you can start with the primary colors and slowly add in more.

Then you show your toddler how to park the cars in the right color space. My daughter played with this on and off all day and loved parking the cars and driving them around.

Note: If you are using cardboard make sure it lays completely flat. The first piece I tried to use wasn’t flat and some of the cars kept rolling off the parking spaces. This frustrated my daughter and it can take away from the learning and fun of the activity. 

Shape Matching Game/ Letter Matching Game

This is a great activity for learning colors but it can also be used to learn shapes or letters.

You could use dot stickers and write letters on them then stick them to the cars and the parking spaces. Stick one letter A on a car and the other letter A on a parking space and have your child match the letters.

If your child is a little older you could have the lower case letter on the parking space and the upper case on the car and let them match that way.

You could also use the same concept to match shapes or numbers.

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