Free Printable Kids Color Scavenger Hunt

Colors, Colors everywhere!

Teaching kids about colors is so fun! And watching them start to recognize colors is even better!

Teaching toddlers to recognize colors is one of the first things we teach our little ones. 

How to teach colors to toddlers

Toddlers don’t have much of an attention span so they don’t sit down for formal learning lessons so we have to make learning colors fun.

This is How Littles Learn!

Play based learning is going to produce the best results from your little one.

It also helps foster a love of learning because it feels like play not work.

This indoor color scavenger hunt can be used for children who are just learning their colors or for those that already know their colors.

Once your child has a grasp on their colors, this color scavenger hunt is a great way to let them practice their new skill.


  • Color Printable from my Free Color Busy Book


Print out the color page from the busy book and use that as your scavenger hunt page.

Then let your child go around the house or the room and find objects that match the colors that will also fit on the paper.

We set our paper on the floor in our dining room and my daughter set out to find the colors.

She would bring them back and place them on the correct color.

We did this until she found all the colors and then she wanted to find more of each color.

This activity can go on for as long as your child is interested.

You could also take the scavenger hunt outside for more fun.

Tips for Helping Teach Colors

Make sure as you are going that you have your child tell you what color they found or what color they are looking for.

This helps promote language development. Talk to them about what they are finding and seeing.

Also, don’t let your child get frustrated!

If they are having trouble finding a certain color, help them out. We want learning to be fun, not frustrating.

If they are just learning their colors you can have them take the paper with them so they can look at the color as they are looking for an object.

Teaching toddlers colors

This scavenger hunt is a great color learning tool but the rest of the Free Color Busy Book is also.

Be sure to print out the rest of the bundle and use it for your child to learn their colors, shapes and other basics.

My daughter loves matching all the items and I’m sure yours will too!

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