Easy DIY Color Sorting Sticky Wall

girl doing color sorting activity

Color recognition is one of the first things we start to teach children when they start to talk.

It’s best for children to learn through play. Play can come in all shapes and sizes.

We love learning through playing games, when children think they are playing they are more likely to be engaged.

One of our favorite ways to learn colors is through color sorting games.

This DIY sorting game for toddlers is super simple and you probably already have everything on hand.

Why is sorting important for toddlers?

Sorting helps children learn colors, shapes, numbers and letters in a way that doesn’t feel like work or learning. It feels like a game to children so they are more likely to absorb what they are learning. Also choosing from different options of colors makes them have to discern which color is which. This is more helpful for color recognition than just telling them what color something is or asking them what color a single object is.


  • Clear Contact Paper
  • Tape
  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
color sorting activity supplies

How to set up your color matching game

1. Cut out large squares of contact paper. I did 5 because that’s how many colors I was going to use. You can do however many you want. Leave the backing on the squares for now.

2. Cut out 4 strips of each color paper to make your border around your contact paper squares. Try not to make them too thick so you don’t take up a lot of the sticky room.

3. Remove the backing from the contact paper and place your paper strips as a border. Then tape the squares to the wall with the sticky side out.

4. Cut up a bunch of random pieces of construction paper in the colors you used and put them in a bowl. For younger children you may want to start off with slightly bigger pieces of paper.

5. Show your child how to sort the colors and stick them and then let them have fun!

Color activities for preschool

For preschoolers you could make this a little more difficult by adding in more colors.

You could also make a different type of matching game for toddlers by using shapes.

You would just need to cut your contact paper into your desired shapes and then make sure your pieces of construction paper are cut up into those same shapes.

Then let your child sort by shape instead of color. 

Color matching for toddlers

If your child is having trouble with this activity you could take it down to just two colors to start with. Once they get the hang of that then you can add in more colors.

I recommend teaching the primary colors (red, blue and yellow) first as those are the most used but you can do it however you desire.

That’s one of my favorite things about contact paper crafts and activities, you can change them up and do tons of different activities with the same materials.

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