Easy Fine Motor Sticker Activity for Toddlers

Toddlers love stickers!

So it’s super easy to take that love of stickers and turn it into a simple fine motor sticker activity.

Fine motor skills are super important for children as eventually these are the skills they use to hold a pencil and write.

Fine motor skills are used for lots of other things too like opening things, tying shoes, etc.

Fine motor activities for toddlers help them build up those muscles so they are ready to hold a pencil when the time comes.

If children don’t use those muscles a lot it can be harder for them to learn how to properly grip a pencil.

This is why doing fine motor activities for toddlers is so important.

Dot sticker activity

We find that dot stickers are the easiest type of sticker for toddlers to use because they come off really easily.

I’ve also found a little trick to them. If your child is struggling with removing the stickers you can cut them into strips or rows and then fold them in half long way so half of the sticker is off the sheet.

This keeps children from getting frustrated and quitting the activity.

We never want to frustrate kids when they should be learning, we want to make learning fun.

This dot sticker activity is great for fine motor development.

fine motor sticker supplies


  • Dot Stickers
  • Tape
  • Paper or Poster Board
  • Marker


1. We decided to use ABCs for this activity because my daughter is just starting to learn her letters.

You could use lines, numbers or your child’s name, it just depends on what you think would be best for them.

Draw your letters or lines on the paper and tape them to the wall.

Make sure you draw them big enough where they can put plenty of stickers on them. I drew one letter per sheet of paper.

2. Tape your paper(s) to the wall or floor so they stay in place for your little one.

3. Give your toddler the stickers and show them what to do. Then let them have at it!

Color Matching Sticker Activity

You could easily make this a color matching activity.

All you would need is a white piece of paper and colored markers instead of black.

Draw lines in certain colors on the paper and then give your child stickers that match those colors.

Have them put the right color stickers on the right color line. 

Letter Matching Sticker Activity

You could follow the same strategy as above but put letters or numbers on the stickers and have your child match them up.

For instance I would draw a big A, a big B and a big C on papers.

Then I would have stickers that have As, Bs, and Cs on them and my daughter would have to put the A stickers on the A and so on.

The possibilities are endless with this activity!

This super easy toddler activity with stickers is one of our favorite quick activities.

When my daughter is bored and I can tell she needs something to do, I’ll just set her up with this easy dot sticker activity.

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