Easy Printable Farm Animal Busy Book

What kid doesn’t love farm animals?

This easy printable toddler activity includes farm animals, shapes, letters and more to make learning fun.

What is a busy book?

A busy book doesn’t have to a book, some people refer to it as a busy box instead.

It’s basically a printable activity packet. You print the pages and cut out any pieces needed and it has matching type activities that your child can do. This one also includes tracing activities.

Who is the busy book for?

The Farm Animal Busy Book is great for preschoolers who are working on learning their letters, numbers and shapes.

This printable also helps with fine motor skills as your child has to pick up the small pieces and put them in the right spot.

What’s in the busy book?

1. The first thing in the farm busy book is a matching animals activity. This activity helps your child with matching and thinking skills.

2. The next activity is matching shapes. You child will take cut out shapes and match them to the right shaped animal. This helps with shape recognition as well as matching skills.

3. In the third activity your child will match tens frames to the correct numbered animal. This one is great for teaching counting skills as well as number recognition.

4. The next activity is tracing upper case letters. The activity goes through the whole alphabet and each letter has a farm themed picture beside it with the name of the picture underneath it. This helps with letter recognition, fine motor skills and reading skills.

5. The fifth activity involves tracing numbers. The child will count the number of ducks and then trace the numbers.

6. This activity involves the most cutting for the parent but it’s one of my favorites. The child will match the apples with the upper case letters to the apples with the lower case letters.

7. Next the child will count the number of ducks in the pond and match the correct number.

8. In this activity the child will trace the animal paths or lines. This helps with fine motor and prewriting skills.

9. The next activity is a puzzle. The puzzle has numbers on it to make it a little easier for your child to figure out.

10. The last activity is one just for fun. The child can make a farm scene with the animals and make them move around and play. This was my daughters favorite!

This activity is great for helping your preschooler learn their letters, numbers, shapes and more. If you enjoyed this printable be sure to check out our shop for more fun themed busy books!

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