Simple Tape Resist Art for Toddlers

tape resist art

Have you seen those cute painters tape art projects all over Pinterest?

They are so cute and easy. I wish I would have thought of that! It’s a great open-ended activity for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.

What is tape resist art?

It’s really simple. You put painters tape on a paper or cardboard in any design you want. Then you paint over it and let it dry.

Once it’s dry you lift the tape up to see the white still underneath it. It makes a really cool pattern.

Tape resist art can also be considered process art.

Your little one gets to choose how and where they paint and don’t paint.

You could also let them do the painter’s tape design themselves to make it more open-ended

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Tape Resist Name Art

You can use tape resist art in so many ways. One way is to tape our your child’s name and let them paint over it.

Once it’s dry and you take off the tape you will see the child’s name. It’s a cute activity and can help with your child learning their name. 

Tape Resist Art Ideas

You can also use it to do letters, numbers, or shapes.

Just tape out whatever you are working on with your child and be sure to talk about it with them.

Preschool Tape Art

We used a scrap of cardboard to paint but you could use a piece of paper or a poster board too.

Next, I just took the painters tape and taped off a random design.

If you don’t have painters tape you could try masking tape. You just want a tape that is easily going to come off of the paper.

Then I gave my daughter some paint and let her have at it.

At first, she was more interested in painting the tape instead of the spaces between the tape but that’s fine.

This is process art and she can decide how she wants to paint.

She eventually started painting the whole thing. Then we put it up somewhere to dry.

When it was time to take off the tape my daughter was quite excited. She loved seeing the places where there was no paint.

I think next time we will try out some shapes so she can see better what we are doing.

Quick Note

We did have some trouble with the painter’s tape coming off the cardboard. It started to peel off the top layer of the cardboard in some places. I would suggest using paper or posterboard to avoid this. It wasn’t too big of a deal but it was still annoying when I was trying to pull it off. 

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