Simple Painting with Flowers Process Art

Children learn best when they are allowed to explore and learn through play.

One of the ways we love to encourage this is through process art.

What is open-ended art or process art?

Let’s talk about process art vs product art.

Process art is the opposite of product art. Product art is when the art project is supposed to produce a specific finished product.

Think about those cute projects where you make an animal out of a paper plate and your child has to follow set instructions.

These are fun and cute and all but they don’t allow for exploration for the child.

With process art, you give the child the materials and let them create how they see fit.

This leads to imagination and creativity and let’s face it, it’s a lot more fun for the child.

Fun Easy Process Art

This fun process art project is great for letting your child explore new textures while creating a fun, original painting.


  • Washable Paint
  • Paper
  • Flowers (Real or Fake)


That’s the fun about process art, there aren’t any instructions!

Give your child the flowers, paint and paper and tell them to paint with the flowers. Then watch what they create!

This could get a little messy so it might be a good idea to put some old clothes on your child and let them paint in an area where you can easily wipe up the paint. 

Another way to make this art project more independent is to let your child choose their paint colors.

We used fake flowers for our painting project because that is what we had on hand.

You can use real flowers but just know that the petals might begin to fall off after too much painting.

This can upset some children but you could tell them to incorporate the petals into their painting.

You also want to use at least 2 different types of flowers so your child can make different textures and prints as they are painting.

Letting go of control

Process art is fun for children but might not be as fun for parents. During process art, we have to let go of expectations and control and let our child explore.

They aren’t “doing it right” because they are painting with the stems? That’s okay! Let them paint how they want.

They are making a huge mess? That’s okay too! Let them explore and be free to create.

This can make for a great learning opportunity when you’re done. Teach your child to help clean up after their art project and then you don’t have to worry about the mess as much.

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