Painting With Kitchen Utensils Process Art for Kids

painting with kitchen utensils

I don’t know about your kids but painting is one of my daughter’s favorite activities. She loves mixing colors and creating things to hang on the refrigerator.

But sometimes painting with a regular paintbrush gets boring and she wants to paint but loses interest really fast.

This is where we like to change things up!

There are so many things you can use as painting utensils. We’ve used flowers, pool noodles and more!

Today we decided to use kitchen utensils and it was definitely a hit!

One of my favorite things about this type of art project is that it’s a process art activity.

What is process art?

Process art is when there is no end goal in mind.

Like for instance, you’ve seen cute art projects where the child follows a set of directions to make a lion or a butterfly.

This is product art meaning they are working to make an end product.

Process art is more about the process, hence the name. Kids are allowed to use the materials given to create however they see fit.

This allows them to use their imagination and creativity.

Around here we try to do minimal if any product art and stick to mainly process art as it fuels creativity.

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No Prep Activities for Toddlers

This art project requires no prep work. You don’t have to make anything in advance.

Just go into your kitchen, grab some utensils and you’re good to go. Oh and don’t forget the paper and paint!

We chose to use the following utensils:

  • Fork: We chose to use a fork because of the cool lines you can make with it.
  • Potato masher: We also chose the potato masher for the cool lines.
  • Spatula: We chose the spatula so my daughter could spread the paint around.
  • Measuring Cup: We chose to use a measuring cup for stamping or smearing.

You could use any kitchen utensils you have or let your child pick some out.

Some other good ones might be a spaghetti scoop, a whisk, a basting brush, or a gravy whisk. Those would all make cool designs when painting with them.

painting with kitchen utensils

Process Art for Toddlers and Kids

When doing process art you want to give your child free rein to create whatever they would like (within reason of course).

This means letting go of some control which is often hard but I promise it’s great for their development. You will be amazed at what they come up with.

My daughter told me one time that she was making a house. It didn’t look like a house but it was to her and she was so excited about it.

Art and Language Development

You can also help strengthen language by talking to your child during their art project.

Ask them about the colors or about what they are doing. Ask them about what they are making.

Now some kids don’t’ like to be talked to when they are creating and that is perfectly fine.

Some days my daughter wants me to continuously talk to her and sit beside her while she paints and other days she wants me to leave her alone. See what works best for your child.

painting with kitchen utensils

If you enjoyed this process art activity be sure to check out our pool noodle painting and painting with flowers activities!

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